Dogs at Weddings

If you are a dog owner and are getting married, chances are you have thought about having your dog at your wedding.  If you are, we have some tips for you.

  1. Venue – Have you told your venue that you plan to have your dog at your wedding? Do they have any special requirements?
  2. Grooming – Talk to your groomer about the best time to groom your dog before your wedding day. Leave it too late and your dog may shed at the wedding, leaving it too early may leave your dog not smelling as fresh as you would like.
  3. Planning – How will you get your dog to and from your wedding? Who will lo2015-03-15 17.43.29ok after him before, during and after the ceremony?
  4. Training – Address any training or behavioural issues early. It is much easier to walk your dog down the aisle if s/he is not trying to say hello to all your friends and family!  (as dog trainers we can advise you in relation to this).
  5. Food – it is a good idea not to give your dog a meal or snacks before the wedding, we don’t want special doggy smells as part of your guests’ memory of your wedding day!

Talk to us about how we can help you to have your dog as part of your wedding!  We are the experts in accompanying dogs to weddings and look forward to talking with you about your dog at your wedding.

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  • Brodie Carr

    Hi Ruth,
    I saw your post on facebook and would love to know more about your wedding service and also your obedience training?
    I have a pure bred Golden Retriever (13 months old) who has going through her first heat. She is very energetic and can’t keep calm or focused around a lot of new people. We were going to obedience training but found as there was 10+ other dogs in her class she was too easily distracted and wasn’t benefiting out of it anymore. I am wanting her to be apart of my wedding in January 2017 (she will be 23 months old) but need to know she will be calmer and well behaved. Do you think you could help me? Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

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