Dogs at Weddings & Special Events

The original concept behind Formal Dogs.

Accompanying your dog to your special day!

Formal Dogs is proud to provide a wedding service where a professional trainer can be as involved as you desire when it comes to having your dog as part of your very special day.

Free consultation done in your home.

Training & Behaviour

Formal Dogs is pleased to offer both behavioural assessments, training and obedience training, all done in your home and local area.

We work with you to achieve your goals.

As well as helping with obedience training, we can solve/modify behavioural problems that you may be experiencing with your dog.

Leashes & Lullabies

Leashes and Lullabies is a parent education program for expectant and new parents to help them to prepare their dog for a new baby arriving in the family.

If you are interested in hosting a Leashes and Lullabies seminar for a group of parents or health professionals, or would like a 1:1 consultation in your home, please contact us on 0438 423 230, or

Please check out our facebook page for more information