Formal Dogs are the experts in all areas of dog training.

Does your dog:

  • Jump up uninvited?
  • Behave badly when friends and family visit?
  • Bark inappropriately?
  • Scratch/whine at doors or windows?
  • Steal food/toys/clothes around the home?
  • Make walks unenjoyable?
  • Display aggression towards people, food or other dogs?

Using a humane and proven training method we aim to teach you the simple and practical dog handling and understanding needed to address any problems you are having with your dog.

For some people, good quality group training is either not available at an appropriate time or location, or, they feel that their dog(s) would be better suited to one on one training done in your own home and local area.

Formal Dogs is pleased to offer a personalised one on one training service.  We come to you. With over 11 years professional experience in dog obedience and behavioural training we can work with you to achieve your goals.  At your first session a Formal Dogs trainer will be able to create a training plan with you.


Behaviour consultation/assessment – $200.00

This session is for families who just want an initial assessment of their dog.  In some cases we need to meet the dog prior to commencing a training program.  A session (between 1 & 2 hours)  to establish the best way forward for training – if we can give you tips and advice on the day to help we will.  Typically, this session is when we are not able to ascertain the best training package with you over the phone.

Standard Training Package – 2 lessons – $350

2 x 90 minute – 2 hour lessons for dogs and their owners just want some help with general manners and walking.  We structure these two sessions so that the first session is about teaching you the skills you need, and the second session is a follow up, generally a fortnight later to make sure it is all coming together properly and you are well on your way to getting the results you are after.

3 x training session package – $500.00

These dog training sessions combine basic obedience (sit, drop, stay exercises and lead walking and on lead recall) and manners around the home and teaches a skill set in the dog and owner team to address basic and common behavioural problems (eg: jumping up, excessive barking, pushing boundaries)

4 x dog training session package – $650.00

For dogs with more serious behavioural issues such as aggression, guarding and anxiety, the first session is an on site consultation at which time a plan will be made with you to address your dog’s behaviour that includes both obedience and behaviour management

Pre Purchase Advice – $100.00

For people considering buying a new dog and wish to discuss the type of dog that might suit their environment.  This consultation is done over the phone, and is not time limited.

If you would like us to come and meet your potential new four legged friend or perhaps would like help choosing the right puppy, the consultation fee is $100.00

At Formal Dogs we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and are pleased to offer to customers phone and email follow ups at no additional charge.