“We sought help from Ruth in relation to our 6 year old dog who was having a difficult time adjusting to our newly mobile son.  Ruth taught us new techniques for training our dog and she is now at ease with our son.  Ruth provided help through in person consultation, by phone and through messages and has been available for follow up.  She has even provided us with assistance on unrelated matters. I would highly recommend Ruth to anyone and would definitely seek her assistance again if the need arose.Thank you, Ruth, for all that you have done for my family” Rhiannon November 2015


“I just wanted to say a big thank you to Ruth for helping us turn our big boofhead shepherd x rotty around. He was big, unwalkable, pushy and jumpy (and a teeeny bit nippy), with Ruth’s help we learned how to reinforce some manners in him and now he’s just a big fur hug on four legs ☺☺

Thank you for helping us to a point where we can enjoy our dog’s company.” Bec November 2015


I just want to send you a huge thankyou for your help with our Cocker Spaniel “Oscar”.  I’m not naive enough to expect a complete personality change, but with your help he is now much less aggressive and I can now manage his behaviour.  The other dogs have also improved and my friends are amazed that we can actually have a conversation at the front door without all the barking!   Oscar was at risk of being put down, so we can certainly say that you’ve helped to save him. My vet was very interested to hear of your help and would like to have contact details to pass on to those who need them. Thanks, Sally


“I would like to express my appreciation for the effort you went to with supporting us on our special day. We always wanted our day to be memorable and to have our beautiful dog Zed as part of our wedding. Your professional approach at focusing on our needs and desires allowed this valuable part of the day to go off without a hitch. You put our hearts at rest knowing that you were able to pick him up, be with him on the day and then return him safely home.
Thanks Ruth best regards Zed’s newly married parents Jeff and Dan.”