Greyhounds make great pets, and are wonderful companions.

With good advice and support you should be able to enjoy many years with your wonderful new dog as well as becoming part of a wonderful community of fellow greyhound lovers who have a wealth of experience amongst them.

As with all dogs, your greyhound will need regular exercise, appropriate food, clean water, shelter from the weather, environmental enrichment, regular grooming and appropriate vet care as well as learning appropriate lifestyle skills and behaviours.  Greyhounds will respond well to a positive and friendly environment as well as patience while they learn to live with you and your routines and lifestyle.

If you need help with your greyhound, please reach out to your dog’s previous carers.  Greyhound rescue and adoption agencies have years of experience in helping the greyhounds that have come into their care as well as support for the people who adopt them, don’t be afraid to ask for support, most behavioural issues can be resolved  with greyhounds as long as you are willing to put in some time and effort.  The greyhound community is also very welcoming and informative, just look for a local Greyhound walk or meet up through social media, there are bound to be some friendly greyhound people not too far from you.

Formal Dogs offers discounted greyhound consultations and we love helping these wonderful dogs and their people, so if you would like some one on one help with your new greyhound, or just to chat about how to prepare for adopting a new dog, give us a call.

Greyhounds have brought years of happiness and joy to my family and I wish you and your new greyhound many years of happy companionship together.